How to get wifi password from mac device

How to get wifi password from mac device

Is it accurate to mention that you simply are experiencing difficulty reviewing your Wi-Fi secret word? just in case you’re utilizing it on your Mac, there’s no compelling reason to worry . macOS really spares passwords for everything of the Wi-Fi networks that you simply associate it to, and it’s genuinely simple to recover your spared Wi-Fi passwords.

This guide covers the way to see your Wi-Fi secret key on your Mac utilizing both Keychain Access and therefore the Terminal.

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1. The foremost effective method to ascertain Wi-Fi Passwords On Your Mac Using Keychain Access

In the event that you simply don’t as of now have the foggiest idea, Keychain Access is an underlying utility on your Mac that spares your own data, almost like your Visa subtleties, username and passwords for sites, and your Wi-Fi passwords.

For any Wi-Fi network you’ve related to your Mac, Keychain Access need to have that organization’s secret phrase spared in it. this is often the rationale you do not need to enter the key phrase whenever you interface with an identical remote organization.

You can get thereto spared secret word by following these means:

  1. Quest for Keychain Access utilizing Launchpad or Spotlight and dispatch the utility.
  2. Select All Items from the Category sidebar on the left.
  3. Put your cursor within the inquiry box at the highest , type the name of your Wi-Fi organization, and hit Enter.
  4. Double tap your Wi-Fi network within the rundown and an exchange box will open.


5. Mark the crate that says Show secret word to point out your Wi-Fi secret key.

6. Keychain Access will request that you simply enter your Mac’s client account subtleties. Type the required subtleties and snap OK.

7. Your Wi-Fi secret key will show up within the container on the brink of Show secret word.

On the off chance that Keychain Access doesn’t open or has different issues, you will have to repair those issues first before you attempt and find out your Wi-Fi passwords.


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2. the foremost effective method to seek out Your Wi-Fi Password On A Mac Using The Terminal

The Terminal on your Mac allows you to perform numerous assignments; one among these is to help you with recovering your Wi-Fi passwords. An order allows you to do that , and every one you need to understand is that the name of your Wi-Fi organization.

Save the subtleties for your macOS administrator account prepared, as you ought to enter those before going to your spared Wi-Fi secret phrase.

Follow these means to utilize the Terminal to ascertain Wi-Fi passwords on a Mac:

Open the Terminal on your Mac.

Type the accompanying order, supplant MYNETWORK with the name of your Wi-Fi organization, and hit Enter.

security find-generic-password -ga "MYNETWORK" | grep “password:”


You will see a quick requesting your executive logins. Dissimilar to the standard prompts you see on macOS, this one won’t have your username filled in in fact . So type both your username and secret key within the given fields and snap Allow.

The Terminal will show the key key for the Wi-Fi network you indicated within the order.

On the off chance that you simply have an iPhone related to your Wi-Fi organization, and you would like to interface another iPhone to an identical organization, you’ll really share Wi-Fi passwords between two iPhones without uncovering the Wi-Fi secret phrase.

Getting Your Mac To Reveal all of your Wi-Fi Passwords

Regardless of the Wi-Fi organization, on the off chance that you’ve got ever associated your Mac thereto , you’ve got that organization’s secret key saved money on your machine. you’ll utilize either the Terminal or Keychain Access to realize admittance to all or any your spared Wi-Fi passwords.

On the off chance that you simply know the Wi-Fi network name, utilize the Terminal strategy and it’ll immediately show the key phrase. within the event that you simply aren’t sure what the organization name is, use Keychain Access and it will drill down everything of your spared Wi-Fi organizations.

Here and there, your Mac won’t interface with a Wi-Fi network no matter entering the proper secret phrase. this will occur due to an assortment of reasons. On the off chance that this transpires, you will have to look at and see whether the difficulty is together with your Mac, your organization, or both.

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