Easily use Google Calendar as your personal journal

Google Calendar

If do you want, You can use Google Calendar as your personal journal, diary or simple tracker. The trick I will show you today is that your Google Calendar will not just be a scheduled application. You can do more than that.

I Hope you have used Google Calendar before. If not used before you should first use it then follow this article. Google has a number of interesting features that are unknown to many of us. Today I will show you how to convert Google Calendar to Google Diary.

Starting today, you can use Google Calendar as a journal. The calendar help you by giving multiple views, color-coding, and event details date wise at a glance. so why do we late? let’s start use google calendar to google diary.


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How to use google calendar as a journal.

step 1: create a calendar

Open calendar.google.com then click on below screenshot.

Google Calendar

Then enter a name, description and own timezone. Then click on create calendar.

Google Calendar

To change your created calendar color just click on three dot(more option) button in my calendar section and select your favorite color. You can find additional options for your new calendar, access your settings by clicking the Gear Icon at the top. In setting page select your calendar. Also you can share it with someone or obtain links to integrate it along with other options.

Then back to google calendar, select test calendar and click on any date like bellow screnshoot.

Google Calendar

Insert Entry as a event. If you want to add more details about that event you click on more option button which is situated beside the save button. You can add an event time by clicking on add time button. Otherwise you can set all day. Then you can click on add more description or add an attachment. You can also add a location. In you description you can also add Important link, bullet listing, number listing etc. all and everything.

For quick viewing you can also add different color for every events. You can also add custom notification for that event. Also you can add guest to in your event. Share your event with your guest. You can also invite others.

Share your calendar with Friends:

Like sharing event you can also share your whole calendar with your friends. First go to your calendar. Then click on setting gear icon. Click on three dot( more option button). Then select settings and sharing. Below the calendar left select setting and sharing. Click on Share with specific people. Then enter email address of your friends or family to share your calendar.

Now enjoy your google calendar. I hope this article was very helpful for you. So never forget to share it with your friends and family. No more today. Have a good day.

Thanks for reading this article about How Easily use Google Calendar as your personal journal.

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